Hello i'm Kat. Proud Trencher i'm 17. Josh is so cute when he swears, MIKAN SHIPPER FOR LIFE. #DUANE. Matt's awks . Ian's an octagon. Mike Ayley is my Spirit Animal #TeamBomb . I'm Afraid we're Not In Toyland Anymore . I'd go Lesbian for the following people
Megan Edwards
Kayla Walker
Jessica King
Amanda McEwan
Kimmy Bates
Marianas Trench Fixed Me , they're the reason i'm still alive today. Trencher For Life . Trencher Fam is the best! .
I also have this thing with Criss Angel

what the fuck happened to criss angel..


Follow my mtrench rpg!!

If you know how to roleplay and wanna join my mtrench roleplay
Message me here and ill send you the application .
Note: Megan Edwards will be taken via me

Screw it

I’m making the rpg
Like if you want me to post the link here for you guys to apply

Day 468


Another day, another failure at being Ian Casselman

marainas trench fan:

so what are your three favourite marianas trench albums?


I love these guys too much for my own good


I love these guys too much for my own good

Another thing about the roleplay

If I go through with
Your character can hate another character
For example ;
Nicole and Jessica = hate
BUT keep the drama in character not ooc (: